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Chemical compounds
Electrolytes and anodes

Contents, lines of activity of the Company «Dragcvetmet»

Company «Dragtsvetmet» works more than 10 years and has a reputation of reliable partner in Russia and abroad. Sphere of business of the company includes extraction and benefication of the mineral raw materials, collecting of the utility wastes containing precious and rare metals, organization of refining of the raw materials, producing of the market product on the base of the precious metals, realization of the precious metals and products on its base, producing and delivery of the catalysts for petrochemical production to the costumer.

In fact the Company includes three specialized enterprises with common name «Dragtsvetmet»: commercial investment company LLC IIC «Dragtsvetmet», LLC «Dragtsvetmet», and CJSC «DRAGTSVETMET», specialized enterprises on extraction of the mineral raw materials, other enterprises on providing the activity of the Company.

Partners of the Company are large companies of petroleum refining, large extracting companies, known offshore companies. The Company has a big experience in all directions.

CJSC «DRAGTSVETMET» specializes on producing of the chemical compounds of the platinum-group metals, complex chemical agents, on production of the anodes from the precious metals and on export of the manufactured goods.

LLC IIC «Dragtsvetmet» specializes on processing of the various raw materials both mineral and secondary, on sale of affinated precious metals and products containing of the precious metals.

LLC «Dragtsvetmet» specializes on collecting primary distillation of the bar and wastes containing of the precious metals. LLC «Dragcvetmet» buys and accepts on processing: bar and wastes of the electronic devises, wastes of the jewelry industry and etc.; used catalysts of the petrochemistry and chemistry productions, silts and etc.

The Company has:

The Company guarantees our partners:

  • high quality of activity in processing secondary and mineral raw materials and return (realization) in time of the precious metals obtained from affinated factory;
  • production of certificated products with using of precious metals.

Our advantages before other large domestic manufacturers of the chemical compounds of the platinum-group metals, complex chemical agents:

  1. Operational efficiency in solution of the problem of production of goods of any complication and its export.
    Operational efficiency achieves by minimization of number of links from setting the question till making a decision. Standard situation – operative decision by one stop principal.
  2. Flexible price policy, discounts on price and terms of payment for big constant clients.
    Financial and operating questions decide by individual contracts and agreements.
  3. Existence of the shop of the precious metals and products where you can always buy small lots of products of the Company with compliance with requirements of the legislation of rotating of the precious metals. Payment term – at the discretion of the consumer.
    Clearing operations are realized on standard contracts on production, purchase and sale, etc.
    Payments by cash are realized through the company-agent. At the same time the price of the goods (services) is the same in every term of payment.
  4. Realization of the products containing of precious metals by the committee agreement in every point of the globe.
    Company «Dragcvetmet» has a large experience of realization on practice of export-import operations.
  5. Developing of the new sorts of goods and services by the request of the potential customers.
  6. Performance of the scientific and research operations on the subject of the activity of the Company.
    Scientific and technological, production possibilities of the Company and technical process stocks allow to solve the problems on production setups of the new goods successfully.
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