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Chemical compounds
Electrolytes and anodes

Contents, lines of activity of Company "Dragtsvetmet"

The Company Dragtsvetmet includes three specialized enterprises with common name Dragtsvetmet: commercial investment company LLC IIC Dragtsvetmet, LLC Dragtsvetmet, and CJSC DRAGTSVETMET, auxiliary plants and subdivisions on providing the activity of the Company. The Company collaborates closely and invests extractive enterprises, jewelry industry.

Sphere of business of the Company includes extraction and benefication of the mineral raw materials, collecting of the utility wastes containing precious and rare metals, organization of refining of the raw materials on KZCM, PZCM, KMEZ, ESCM, producing of the market product on the base of the precious metals, realization of the precious metals and products on its base.

Coordination of the big business-projects with participation of all enterprises Dragcvetmet are performed by the board of directors of the Company.

CJSC DRAGTSVETMET - basic lines of activity:

  • producing of the chemical compounds of the platinum-group metals,
  • waste processing containing of the precious metals and getting the concentrate of the precious metals,
  • producing complex chemical agents containing of the precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh) and coverings,
  • producing of special alloys for jewelry industry,
  • producing of the anodes, bars, rods including using precious metals ,
  • export-import operations of the precious metals and the goods containing of the precious metals.

Enterprise has all necessary production capacity, laboratory facilities and highly-qualified personnel which allow organizing huge orders of domestic and offshore consumers of the goods.

Production work is allocated in Nizhny Novgorod where in commercial scale synthesis of the most popular salts of platinum-group metals is organized (chlorides, nitrates, acetates), processing of the motor catalysts, concentrates, condensates, liquid wastes containing of precious metals.   

In Moscow allocated experimental pilot production, chemical scientific and research laboratory and craft of mechanical and high-temperature processing of the precious metals.

In the laboratory are developing and producing high-tech products such as electrolytes for jewelry and radioelectronic industry, homogeneous catalysts, special alloys, complex compounds of the precious metals, platinatation and rhodium plating of titanic anodes. Craft of mechanical and high-temperature processing of the precious metals is meant for producing special alloys, production of anodes, leafs, bars and other from precious metals.

All production is certificated and successfully realized not only in Russia but also abroad. Close collaboration with institutes of industrial scientific research, institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and institutions of higher education allows to improve constantly process industries and to increase the quality of the turning out products. Improving of production method of the products, creation of new types of products on the base of satisfaction of the consumers demands is provided by high scientific and production potential of personnel of CJSC DRAGCVETMET. Nowadays 1 doctor and 4 candidates of science are constantly working in CJSC DRAGCVETMET and the whole personnel of the Closed Joint Stock Company have high specialized education.

LLC Investment industrial company (IIC) Dragcvetmet

Basic lines of activity:

  • organization of refining of the mineral and secondary raw materials coming from the enterprises of the Company and contractors, on KZCM, PZCM, KMEZ, ESCM,
  • producing of the market products on the base of the precious metals,
  • replacement of the used catalysts of the oil refinery with new,
  • realization of the precious metals and products on its base,
  • investing activities.

LLC IIC Dragtsvetmet performs:

  • processing on the refinery of wastes on the give-and-take basis with return of the precious metals to the costumer;
  • buying of the precious metals from the supplier after refining of bar and wastes or its realization by the order of the supplier;
  • prepayment to the supplier of the precious metals;
  • producing of salts and chemical compounds from the supplier metals or own metals;
  • producing of the new catalyst;
  • replacement of the catalysts with overdue date of consumption with new with offset of the price of the precious metals and services;
  • delivery of the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) to the jewelry industry in the form of bullions, pellets, powder;
  • rendering of marketing services and operations on the offshore market of the precious metals, services on hedging price of the precious metals.

The enterprise has a production capacity which allows performing modification, assortment and packing of the coming raw materials for further refining.

LLC Dragtsvetmet specializes on collecting primary distillation of the bar and wastes containing of the precious metals

Buys and accepts on processing:

  • bar and wastes of the electronic devises, wastes of the jewelry industry and etc.;
  • used catalysts of the petrochemistry and chemistry productions, silts and etc.;
  • processing of wastes on the give-and-take basis with return to the costumer of market concentrate or affinated metals.

LLC Dragtsvetmet has agreed to GIREDMET methods of sampling of wastes and catalysts containing of precious metals and experience of carrying out sampling with further certificate issuing of GIREDMET of chemical analyze on the lot.

Rendering services with meeting requirements of the consumer on dates and quality the basic aim of the company Dragcvetmet!

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