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Chemical compounds
Working with partners
Electrolytes and anodes


Working with partners

       For the present moment Company Dragtsvetmet produces:

 - practically all popular chemical compounds on the market containing precious metals including on individual order, 

-  large list of electrolytes without cyanide,

-  platinized titanic anodes for jewelry industry,

-  bars,rods, and anodes from precious metals produced by an individual order.

       Individual line of activity of the Company is connected with processing of the used catalysts and silts of the big enterprises of petrochemistry and nitrogen and nitrogen compound making industry with delivery of the new catalysts or returning of the received affinated metals.


       Full own production cycle from removing of bar and wastes from the territory of Customer till receiving (returning) of the quality product and if it is necessary realization including export it allows satisfying the most various demands of the partners, consumers and customers. Principles of the Company "Dragtsvetmet"   in relationships with the partners:

  • Guarantee of quality
  • Individual attention to the partners
  • Soft terms to the constant partners

For convenience in operation with the partners wholesale and retail center of commerce is created in Moscow LLC DCM-GALVANI".

To attention of our partners. We offer new products:

  • New unique production technology of PHVK in granules, palladium chloride in powder (small crystals);
  • Electrolytes without cyanide, electrolysers for jewelers;
  • Filling of orders about precious metals plating;
  • Production of special alloys on precious metals base;
  • Production of rolled metal rods from precious metals;
  • In Nizhny Novgorod in OP CJSC "DRAGTSVETMET receiving office of raw materials in the form of chemical compounds and salts containing precious metals and wastes from jewelry industry on processing is opening.


Official representatives:

111141, Russia, Moscow, 1 Entuziastov street, 15, building 1

Tel.: +7 495 7888395

10118, Russia,
Nizhny Novgorod, Narodnaya street, 2
Tel.: +7 8312 759345







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