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Chemical compounds
Production techniques
Electrolytes and anodes


Production techniques

In combination with operative decision for all industrial subjects this maintains the stability of production and safety of our work with partners.

CJSC "DRAGTSVETMET" producing practically all kinds of goods uses its own unique high production technologies of chemical compounds containing platinum, palladium and rhodium, of electrolytes without cyanide and coverings with using of them. Some of them, for example, production of hexachloroplatinic acid, chloride and acetate of palladium in crystals just unique and has no analogue. Ownerships for unique techniques are patented.

      The majority of technology processes are realized on safe, high-performance equipment of home and foreign producers and on original equipment made upon the projects of CJSC "DRAGTSVETMET".

       In production cycle chop for recycling of own wastes of production and processing of some other kinds of wastes: condensers, silts, heavy concentrates, motor catalysts, etc. is foreseen. For processing of such kind of raw materials there is universal production line which allows getting concentrates of precious metals from heavy concentrates and wastes from 97-99 % on base metal and reclaim metals in small concentrations from wastes.

                              For development and tests of new products, for production of small lots for such products on order, for development and tests of electrolytes, for precious metals plating chemical research laboratory is organized. Laboratory is equipped with modern gears for experimentation and carrying out of analysis, has equipment for production of rhodium salts with power not more than 2-3 kg monthly on rhodium and also equipment for production of precious metals plating.

 Chop of mechanical and heat treatment of precious metals allows producing of jewellery, dental and other alloys, melting of wastes of jewelry industry, etc. From the received alloys and clear affinated metals by the cold rolling method and cutting on special equipment anodes, bars, rods are produced.

Technological potential of CJSC "DRAGTSVETMET" constantly dresses using new development of scientist staff members of the Company. Scientists of the Company have prepared report on production and commercial operations of the Company "Dragcvetmet" with complete list of products, production techniques and technology regulations.   The report is considered as basic guidance manual for staff members of the Company but it may be useful for businessmen too who are willing to produce chemical compounds containing precious metals and newcomer exporter of such products.

You can get the report by the order at the address of the Company.



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