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Chemical compounds
Electrolytes and anodes

Service for jewelers
The list of services for jewelers is based on presence in the Company of precious metals, modern vacuum-induction melting furnace, equipment for cutting and rolling of metals, wide experience of precious metals and products containing precious metals.

Services in developing and introduction of technologies

The delivery of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) to jewelry industries in the form of bullions, concentrates, granulate, etc.

We are ready to study all your proffers in compliance with mutually profitable interests on prices, due date and forms of payment.

Production and delivery of rolled product and blanks for jewellery (measured bar, rod, wire, etc.).

Buying of bars and wastes of jewellery from lombards.

The Company is ready to buy gold in the form of bars of jewellery and get affinated metal with return to the customer.

Export operations with precious metals;

We offer to jewellery companies an export (import) of their products under contract of the committee.

Rending of marketing services and operations on offshore market of precious metals.

Well carry on negotiations with potential consumers of our products. We render services on hedging the price of gold and silver (in case of profitable price environment the client may beforehand fix the price of the precious metal he buys). Opening of gold and silver accounts for jewellery companies. Money lending on security of gold and silver.

We produce and realize chemical compounds on the precious metals base (diauricyanide of kalium of Italy production, rhodium (III) sulphate, chloraurate acid, electrolytes for rhodium plating of jewellery, etc.)

Having high technologies the company produces compounds of precious metals customer-oriented and fully met requirements of our clients. We can deliver compounds not only on order but also directly from the warehouse.  

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