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Chemical compounds
Electrolytes and anodes

List of back up services
The list of back up services

The list of back up services


  1. Realization of tare and package for export transportation by air transport of chemical dangerous products.

             Chemical compounds refer not only on Russian (GOST 19433-88) but also on international (UN) laws to 8 class risk pyretic and (or) corrosive substances. Transportation of the dangerous freights is organized on the base of laid down rules with personal liability of exporter. In particular, air transportation are subjected to Position ICAO and instructions IATA. Packing agreeable to the standards in Russia hasnt been organized lately. CJSC DRAGTSVETMET realizes tare of countries of European Community production.



2.      Organization of export-import operations with precious metals door-to-door. Marketing services and operations on the offshore market of metals

            CJSC DRAGTSVETMET has wide experience of realization of export-import operations with products containing precious metals and is ready to render services from consultations till operation of key-in-the-door work.



3.      Services in introduction of technologies:

      -  on catalogue;

      -  on developing and introduction of new technologies;

      -  consulting services on organization of production of chemical compounds containing precious metals and export of the finished goods;

      -  consulting services of legal character connected with confirmation of zero rate of VAT and with return of VAT while exporting the products containing precious metals.



4.      Services for jewelers

    The list of services includes providing with metals and alloys, processing of wastes and cuttings, etc.

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